Mistaken Words


EACH is used for one or more things, taken one by one.

Ex: Each of the two boys was wrong.

EVERY is never used fot two, but always for more than two things, taken as a group.

Ex: She read every book in the library.

Note: EACH and EVERY are always singular

Ex: Each (every) one of the twenty boys has a book.

Farther or Further

Farther and Further are mostly interchangeable, but there is a major difference between them.

We use FARTHER when it is about physical distance.

Ex: He  climbed farther up the hill.

We use FURTHER when it is about symbolic distance.

Ex: They need to conduct further research.

Finish or End

TO FINISH (v)–  refers to bringing any action into its completion.

Ex: We were hurrying to finish the job.

TO END (v)– refers to termination to any action.

Ex: The Second World War ended in 1945.

Good or Well

GOOD (adj.) – use it to describe  a peron, place or thing.

Ex: He is a good painter.

WELL (adv.) – use it to describe an action.

Ex: She paints well.

Recently or Lately

RECENTLY – use it for non-repetive actions.

Ex: I have visited Rome recently.

LATELY: use it for repetitive actions.

Ex: I have been working out lately.