Expressions with ‘SAVE’

Here are some common English expressions which could be useful in many different situations: Save a bundle – save a lot of money. Ex: I saved a bundle by buying things on sales. Save one’s breath – it’s no use talking to someone as they’re not listening. Ex: Save your breath! They can’t hear you … Continue reading Expressions with ‘SAVE’


“Cat” Idioms

If you fancy cats then you might be interested in learning these ‘CAT’ idioms: When the cat’s away, the mice will play – to describe what happens when the teacher leaves the classroom. Ex: They shouldn’t be so loud, but the teacher left the classroom, and when the cat’s away, the mice will play. Put … Continue reading “Cat” Idioms


There are many phrases in English that use two words connected with 'and'. For exampl wine and dine, home and hosed. These expressions are known as binomials. In these phrases the word order is usually fixed; we always say 'wine and dine', we never say 'dine and wine'. Home and hosed – safe and successful. … Continue reading Binomials