Order of Adjectives

We sometimes put more than one adjective in front of a noun. We put ‘opinion’ adjectives (what we think, not facts), e.g. amazing, boring, comfortable, before others:

Look at these amazing multi-colored tropical fish.

I love my comfortable old leather armchair

We put adjectives describing type or purpose (what something is for) next to the noun.

These adjectives are often part of the noun:

Amazing multi-colored tropical fish. (= type of fish)

A long steel hunting knife. (= knife used for hunting)

When we use other adjectives, we usually put them in this order:

opinion size shape age color origin material type noun
valuable large round Italian bedroom mirror
old red silk wedding dress

We don’t usually use more than three or four adjectives in front of a noun. If we want to give more information we use another clause or sentence:

Wrong: My uncle has a really valuable large old black Italian sports car.

Right: My uncle has a large black Italian sports car, which is old and really valuable.

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